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 We are sure you have faced the same budget challenges that most churches are facing these days. The price of women's ministries can be overwhelming. After meeting the costs and using these materials, they often sit on the shelf gathering dust.


The North Central District Women's Ministry team, in an effort to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, has established the North Central District LENDING LIBRARY! We have compiled a master list of women's DVD Studies/Leader's Guide materials available throughout the District which are available to other churches for their use. This Lending Library is especially helpful to small churches that may find it a financial burden to maintain updated Bible study materials.


The District Women's Ministry Team coordinates the District Lending Library.  

Contact the District Team with a list of the women's studies you are willing to share with other churches.

Include the following information:


  • Name of the study

  • Author

  • Number of lessons

  • A brief description of the study topic

  • Replacement cost

  • Name of your contact person, her e-mail address and telephone number

  • Church name and the city of church location



It may be that your church has material which you would be willing to donate. Please indicate that fact and we will keep those studies in the District supply room and provide them to the churches for their use.  If you are lending materials to another church, there will be a 'contract' in place with the understanding that if your materials are damaged or lost, the borrowing church will reimburse you for the cost of the study.   In addition, the borrowing church will pay the postage up front for having the study mailed to them and, of course, for returning it/them to the lending church. It's important to have a contact person in each church and that information will be kept confidential, only being released to the borrowing church.


The borrowing/lending process is as follows:



- Bible Studies are available to churches in the North Central District of the C&MA only.

- Contact the Coordinator regarding the study you would like to use.  The Coordinator will connect you with the lending church(es) and include the Lending Agreement form in the email.  The agreement form will include the replacement cost. 

- Contact the lending church.  If the study is available, print and complete the agreement form and send it, along with the postage, to the lending church.  The study can be requested one month prior to use so you will have time to review it and order any books that are needed.

- If a decision is made not to use the study requested please notify the lender immediately as other churches may be wanting to borrow it as well.

- After the study is completed, return it to the lending church by the date specified on the agreement form.  If any of the DVD's have been lost or damaged, the full replacement cost will be reimbursed by the borrowing church to the lending church.



- If the study is available once the borrowing church contacts the lending church, the agreement form will then be sent to the lending church contact person along with the postage cost for mailing it to the borrowing church. The study should be mailed in a timely manner so as to arrive by the requested date.

- The study will be returned to the lending church by the date specified on the agreement form.

- If any DVD's are damaged or lost, the borrowing church is responsible for reimbursing the cost listed on the agreement form.



Listed below are women's Bible studies currently available in the Lending Library.  

Contact the District Team to begin the borrowing process.  

Please note that Bible Studies are available to churches in the North Central District of the C&MA only.



Arthur, Kay

      Covenant - DVD, 6 sessions



      Annointed, Transformed, Redeemed

                DVD, 6 sessions

      Faithful, Abundant, True (2)

                DVD, 7 sessions


Cymbala, Jim

      When God’s Spirit Moves - DVD, 6 sessions


Focus on the Family

      Be Prepared – DVD, 7 sessions


Good Book Company, The

      Christianity Explored – DVD

      Discipleship Explored - DVD


Guthrie, George

      The Heart of God’s Story – DVD, 6 sessions


Harper, Lisa

      A Love that Never Lets Go: Malachi

                DVD, 8 sessions


Hybels, Mittelberg, Strobel

      Becoming a Contagious Christian

                DVD, 6 sessions


Idleman, Kyle

      Not a Fan - DVD, 7 sessions


Ingram, Chip

      Holy Ambition - DVD, 6 sessions

Leman, Dr. Kevin

      Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

                DVD, 6 sessions


Mariezzo, Gary & Anne

      Growing Kids God’s Way - DVD, 6 sessions


McDonald, James

      Gripped by the Greatness of God

                DVD, 8 sessions


Moore, Beth

      A Woman’s Heart - DVD, 10 sessions

      Believing God (3) - DVD, 10 sessions

      Breaking Free:  the journey, the stories (2)

                DVD, 11 sessions

      Breath - DVD, 6 sessions

      Children of the Day (2) - DVD, 9 sessions

      Daniel (2) - DVD, 6 sessions

      Esther (3) - DVD, 9 sessions

      Inheritance, The - DVD, 6 sessions

      James (2) - DVD, 8 sessions

      Jesus, the One and Only - DVD, 10 sessions

      Law of Love, The (2) - DVD, 6 sessions

      Living Beyond Yourself (2) - DVD, 10 sessions

      Loving Well: Retreat in a Box (2) - DVD

      Stepping Up: Psalms of Ascent

                DVD, 6 sessions

      When Godly People do Ungodly Things (2)

                DVD, 6 sessions

      Wising Up: A Study of Proverbs

                DVD, 12 sessions

Ortberg, John

      If You Want to Walk on Water…

                DVD, 10 sessions


Ortberg, John and Ruth Barton

      An Ordinary Day with Jesus - DVD, 8 sessions


Rothschild, Jennifer

      Me Myself & Lies – DVD, 6 sessions


Shirer, Priscilla

      Armor of God - DVD, 7 sessions

      Discerning the Voice of God (2)

                DVD, 6 sessions

      He Speaks to Me - DVD, 6 sessions

      One in a Million - DVD, 7 sessions


TerKeurst, Lysa

      Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl

                DVD, 6 sessions

      Finding I Am - DVD, 6 sessions


Thomas, Angela

      Stronger:  finding hope in fragile places

                DVD, 7 sessions


Walsh, Sheila

      Shelter of God’s Promises, The

                DVD, 10 sessions


Zacharias, Ravi

      Jesus Among Other Gods - DVD, 7 sessions




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